The 15,000 Bushel Per Hour 36” x 120’ Grain Radial Stacking Conveyor


Don’t spend more than you need to get your ground pile built this year! The combination of  our Drive-Over Conveyor and the 36”x120’ Radial Stacking Conveyor can save you thousands over more expensive equipment. Both units are fast, dependable, and built for heavy usage.

  • 25 HP, # 6 Drive with a Snub Nose Wrap Drive
  • V- Cleat Chevron Belt comes Standard
  • 48” Deep Truss, 3x4x5/16 Cord Angle, 2x2x1/4 Lattice
  • Options Include a Second Axle and Powered Travel!
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer Reach than Augers!
  • Much Faster!

Comments from the field:

“The combination of these two units have been the most efficient, fastest way to fill a million bushel bunker. I’d recommend Allatoona equipment to anyone.
-    Don Haverman, Max Yield Cooperative

To view a short video clip of the Drive Over Conveyor and the Grain Stacker – click here.

To see video of our earlier model – go to :

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Contact us for specs and pricing  or call 770-974-4401!

We also have a 36 x 130 available!